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Headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, Add-On Development (AOD) Co. Ltd currently staffs a group of around 50 certified and experienced developers. Today, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we perform software development for clients worldwide.

Since the day one (February 28, 2008), AOD was designed to be the only development branch, staffing certified and experienced software development specialists. After the 24h Support Center was transferred to AOD, we became the main engine of the whole organization.


Add-On Development (AOD) was set up to specialize in the development of high-quality software based on Microsoft
technologies. During the first year, the staff grew to 42 highly efficient, dedicated and creative professionals.

  • TeaMWORK

    It has been proven that the best solutions come from the harmonious co-operation of the whole team. In AOD, effective teamwork demands strong commitment to common goals and thorough communication. We believe that each member can offer unique expertise and experience, based on which we are committed to developing a friendly environment that nurtures teamwork, idea exchange, and openness to creative ideas.


    In AOD, it is believed that how wetreat others reflects how you want to be treated, which is why we emphasize the importance of respect. This core value can be built up from tiny details. Respecting a colleague could be as easy as listening without interruption, or thanking them for an assistance. For clients it could be displayed as being on time for appointments, as well as ending a session in the appropriate manner. Always we tell ourselves: give to receive, be patient, speak up at the right time, ask the right questions, listen carefully to everyone, do not take things personally and last but not least – remember the big picture.

  • innovation

    All AOD members always bear a mindset towards innovation by striving to redefine the standard of excellence in all products and services we provide. Working and learning with that mindset, we constantly push back the limit of knowledge to discover new ways, new solutions that are truly distinctive and unique.


  • Fixed Price

    Ordering a well-specified project at a fixed price, this model is often preferred by clients who are new to outsourcing and who do not expect to change specifications during the process. Working with such projects, Add-On Development carries the entire risk of unexpected complications.

  • Time & Material

    A Time & Material project is by itself a dynamic process in which we work closely together with the client, who continually approves all major decisions. This allows the project to be adjusted on the basis of findings in the development phase.

  • Dedicated Team

    The Dedicated Team approach is a hybrid between the Fixed Price and T&M methods described above. While on one hand the approach includes a fixed number of associated professionals, a fixed monthly rate and a fixed monthly hour count, the model is – on the other hand – T&M-wise in terms of duration, management and direction from the client.

CEO Statement

Here at Add-On Development we strive for long-term partnerships with our clients. Our aim is to deliver high-quality software
packages - on time and at reasonable prices. We operate on three continents and understand the importance of bridging
cultures. We listen to our clients and see good communication as the key contributor to a successful outsourcing.

Add-On Development is an experienced Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and all relevant employees have one or more Microsoft
certifications. Developing complex software tasks requires experienced employees and that is why Microsoft certifications plays
a key role in our company strategy. We are endeavoring to achieve excellence in designing, developing and producing
software for the Microsoft Platform that adds value to any business. Furthermore, we are result-driven and we
strongly believe in good teamwork, a streamlined process and innovative- and employee development, which
all are key contributor to the final outcome.

As a trustworthy Partner we can help you add value to your business.

CEO of Add-On Development Co. Ltd.

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  • RC Development Team

  • RC Production Support Team

  • Multi-Product Team

  • Technical Support 24h Team

  • Back Office Team

  • RC 365 Team

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  • 9th Floor, HEID Building,
    Lane 12 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh District,
    Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Tel: (+84) 24 3514 0868

    Fax: (+84) 24 3514 0868 / 13

  • Email: info@aod.vn

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